Max Walter & Eleonore B. are inspired by many forms of arts and artists, from Tim Burton to Walt Disney.

Max Walter graduated the ECV school of Paris in 2012.
Eleonore B. is a self-taught artist.

We worked with creative agencies, brands, personalities, records labels such as Netflix, Chanel, Lego, Warner Bros...

Our work was shown in various exhibitions, art galleries, festivals and shops.

We know how to adapt to any idea and are attentive to the client's
needs to successfully design and create original artworks

What can we do for you ?

♥︎ Visual identities
♥︎ Storyboard / Concept Art
♥︎ 2D / 3D Animation
♥︎ 3D Modelisation
♥︎ Motion Design
♥︎ Illustrations
♥︎ Voice over